Wear Custom Tank Top!

If you take a close look at your style you will find you are likely within one of these three categories: casual, career dressy and feminine. These are the most common style categories today and each of us can quickly and easily be separated into one of them. The great thing about summer is that no matter which one of these categories currently defines your style sense, you can most definitely take advantage of the ruffle tank top https://www.t-shirt-maker.com/custom-tank-tops. Ruffles were once thought of as a fashion accent that only the most feminine of women could successfully take advantage of. Today, no matter what fashion style you currently utilize you need a ruffle tank top!

Within the Elan International clothing line you will find a variety of ruffle tank tops that can quickly be worn for casual wear and just as easily be transformed into evening wear for those special summer celebrations on your calendar. Elan dresses also offer this feminine accent if you are currently in the market for a great and versatile summer Elan casual dress. Now, let’s talk layering. Many of you out there have to think about work attire as well as casual attire and if you are on a budget this can be a tricky balance to acquire.

The ruffle tank top is extremely versatile and a piece that everyone woman should currently have in their closet. This fashion top comes in each and every color you could possible think of and fabrics are not in short supply either. Silk is definitely one of summer’s most popular fabric options and next in line is of course cotton. With this being said you can be as conservative or as bold as you choose with your new ruffle tank top style. In terms of necklines the most common is a scoop neck but V-necks and halter styles are not excluded from this trend either. With so many different style options you can see how easy it would be to accumulate a number of different ruffle tanks for each day of the week!

Now let’s layer this new Elan clothing piece. For the office you can easily cover yourself with your favourite casual sweater including tunic length cardigans, cropped sweaters and even fashion wraps. If you are interested more in jackets than sweaters you can of course lean towards a great suit separate that you frequently wear to work or you can bust out of your comfort zone and lean towards a cropped leather or aviator jacket. These are hot trends this year that are more than office appropriate when you learn how to layer effectively for your chosen destination.